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How often do you catch yourself staring at a window? Whether on a building, a storefront, or the vehicles driving by – windows are everywhere. Now imagine being able to harness this space to advertise your business and further the brand identity of your company. Windows can look professional yet personalized when they have the right designs. Custom window graphics strike that all-essential balance that draws eyes and keeps them there. You’ll find more people reading information, taking in your logo, familiarizing themselves with your products and services and ultimately connecting with your brand.

Utilizing Window Space

Central Graphics offers a wide variety of options for utilizing the window space of your business, vehicle, or environment. Cut vinyl lettering is a quick and inexpensive way to display vital messages, such as hours of operation, or your logo, to your customer base; without fully obscuring or covering your window space. Need something bigger so to be eye-catching from the street? Our perforated window film will fully cover your window, obscuring people from looking in, while allowing you to still look out. Even better, this window perf can be custom printed to match your brand or to advertise your business directly.

Window graphics are easily exchangeable. New or updated decals, impact images, and vinyl lettering can be swapped and updated when business information itself changes, like hours or phone numbers. You as the business owner might also want to promote different goods, such as a new line of winter wear. The possibilities are endless, and the decisions are entirely up to your marketing targets. This advertising flexibility is a great business advantage. Businesses with changing window decals convey that they’re lively and thriving, with new deals, fresh merchandise, and creative specials. Even the most frequent and loyal customers will feel there’s something new to see in your store every time they visit.

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