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Do you find your creative or professional space to be a bit drab and uninspiring? Do you wish you could add a POP of color to liven things up? Maybe you’re hoping to reinforce your brand identity and inspire your employees with the mission statement of your company? No matter the reason, the best way to creatively modify a plain or painted wall is with a custom wall wrap. You can use your graphics, photos or both to permanently or temporarily make a vibrant wall that will display your images in ways paint never could. The image appears as if it is painted on the surface because it covers all of the cracks and crevices. Our professionally installed full wall decal will leave your visitors in awe. A few advantages of a wall wrap versus a painted wall include the ability to adhere an actual photo to the surface, the ability to remove the wrap while maintaining the surface behind it, and total clarity of the graphic. Just as companies frequently wrap vehicles for advertising we have the ability to do the same with facilities. Central Graphics can help your brand and promote your message or your organization in many different ways.
Wall wrap and time line
Mall Branding

Transforming An Interior Space

A common creative idea for a custom wall wrap is to use a timeline graphic. This allows the organization to display both images and detail with regard to their history. It is a fantastic way to tell a story and wow visitors. Central Graphics offers the solutions to use your facility as a giant canvas to express, advertise, or memorialize. Our custom wall wraps and wall mural prints can be applied to almost any type of wall surface and are guaranteed to make a huge impact on anyone who views them. Gone are the days where you are limited by what is offered via paint or wallpaper. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration or need assistance executing your vision you can contact our talented design team and they can answer any questions you might have.

Not only are wall wraps capable of quickly and affordable transforming an interior space, but they are just as capable with exterior space. The highly rated 3M vinyls that we print on have the ability to adhere to various surfaces such as painted drywall, glass, concrete, brick, and even cinder block. We can add a wall wrap to just about any surface you could imagine. We also offer various surface options from smooth printed vinyl, to canvas, to textured printable wallpaper.

If you feel that it’s time to put those blank walls to use, click here to get a free custom quote or to request a free consultation. Our creative team is ready to help you make your walls shine!

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