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With the development of more printable vinyl options at better prices, vehicle wraps have quickly grown to be one of the most sought after services in our entire industry. Vinyl wraps have become one of the go-to accessories for businesses looking to customize their cars, vans, trucks or SUVs without breaking the bank. Premium vinyl films like Series 1080 3M™ films are extremely durable and simple to use, plus vehicle wraps give you color and finish options that paints and sprays can only dream of.  The application of vinyl to your vehicle is known as wrapping and gives you two main benefits: protection of your car’s paint job and the possibility of getting a look that paints just can’t deliver.

Not only are vehicle wraps durable but vinyl film is easy to care for as well. Just use soap and water to clean it when dirty. Additionally, because the vinyl itself is the protective coating, there is no need to apply a clear coat or wax. It’s pretty resilient but if a section of your wrap gets damaged, you can replace it quickly and easily for much less than you could repair a scratch paint job.

Vehicle wraps or graphics can also come in a wide scope of options from full coverage, to wraps designed to cover only certain portions of your vehicle, to simplistic cut vinyl spot decals. With printable vinyl being completely customizable, there are infinite options to cater to every type of budget. Regardless of how far you take your vehicle wrap project, the investment is worth it.

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Facts & Figures

  • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads.
  • Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.
  • Outdoor advertising delivers immediate results for advertisers. 29% say outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base buying decisions on ads they see.
  • 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each as either a driver or a passenger in the past week.
  • Mobile advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising.
  • Mobile flexibility allows you to position your vehicle ad anywhere you want.

Not only this, but a company with a fleet of vehicles increases each of these statistics exponentially as more wheels on the road equate to more advertising real estate for your business. Taking these things into consideration, it becomes obvious that vehicle wraps pay for themselves over time. Not only are they financially valuable for your marketing campaign, but they are also completely customizable, and are easily adapted to your company and your brand identity. It’s like having a little piece of your personal vision driving around for all to see!

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