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In an ever-evolving industry, there are things that will come and go. Some products and techniques, however, stand the test of time and are just as valuable today as they were at their inception. Furthermore, for these products, advancements in tools, techniques, and supplies only serve to strengthen the quality and craftsmanship of these products, rather than to render them obsolete. Signs will never completely fade into obscurity. Though they may look different or be made from different materials, their mission has remained more or less the same; coming alongside your brand and displaying the messages your business wishes to convey.

Products such as roadside monument signs, post and panel signs, backlit displays and pole signs are old standards that have withstood the test of time and continue to serve the purpose of displaying your brand and message with gusto. The best part of these older and time-honored products is that Central Graphics has extensive knowledge and experience from being in business for 25 years. We can make sure you get your project completed on time, every time, with no hassles.

If you have a physical high street presence, think of your shop sign or signage as the best way to tell the outside world about your business. Telling people who your company is, what you do, and most importantly why they need you. But the difference between a sign and a salesperson is that you can leave the sign outside in the rain without worrying about it getting pneumonia. Good signage acts as the gateway to your business. It doesn’t rely on people trawling through the internet to find your kind of service, hefty SEO or targeted marketing. Instead, it says ‘We’re here! Come inside and speak to us!’

Effective Signage

Imagine that tomorrow you turned up to your place of work in your pyjamas – your customers and colleagues may not take you very seriously. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to do this on your next Dress Down Friday, but always remember first impressions count and signage is often your first one. A shop or a sign in its own right has to convey a lot of information in a glance. So treat signage as your elevator pitch. If that pitch is successful, the customer carries on looking for visual clues as to whether they like you, if they can trust you and what you can do for them once they’ve stepped inside. If not, you may have lost the business to a rival. Effective signage is your brand identity, your trustworthiness and your calling card all rolled into a visual voice, and it needs to be consistent, clear and concise throughout. But when it is done right it draws in the right customers for your business and keeps them interested.

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