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Sports are sheer, unadulterated fun. They provide moments of tension and excitement with regularity and intensity like no other entertainment or activity. When tens of thousands of fans walk into a stadium or arena wearing the same colors they are part of something bigger than themselves. For some this is just a cool experience but, for others, it’s much more than that. The smell of freshly mown grass, the crack of the bat, the whack of pads, the swish of the net, and the crisp fall air of a Saturday at the park bring us back. Back where? To a thousand of our favorite memories with family or friends, to our triumphs and travails.

To many, a sports brand is not just a color scheme, or a mascot, or a collection of jerseys; it’s a community in and of itself. Central Graphics has been fortunate enough to have the honor of working with some of our venerated local teams including The Cavs (basketball), The Browns (football), The Monsters (hockey), The Gladiators (football) and the Canton Charge (basketball), and that’s not even counting the dozens of sports programs we’ve proudly supported in several of our local colleges, high schools, and private leagues!  You would be hard pressed to find a community and fan base more fiercely loyal than the sports fans of Cleveland, OH. Our area is the Dawg Pound, and it’s Wine and Gold Country, and Central Graphics is always there to make sure it’s public knowledge.

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Supporting Your Brand

From locker tags, to play-off marketing posters, to sponsorship banners, to large format vinyl wraps, Central Graphics’ products and services have found their way into dozens of stadiums, arenas, and playing fields, not just in our area, but around the country. We take this responsibility very seriously, because sports branding is more than a team. It’s bigger than a fanbase. It is loyalty, grit, determination, and pride in one of it’s purest forms, and you don’t mess with those things. As a team owner, a coach, or a representative of your sports organization, you can be sure that Central Graphics will come alongside your team and support your brand with all the care and attention that you, or your most loyal fans, would.

With our team of creative specialists, there is no job too big or too small. Whether you need a banner for stadium, or whether you need a giant skee ball game built for half time, we will work with your team and your budget to see your vision for your team come to life.

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