School Spirit Fostered By The Power Of Graphics


One of the most important and time-honored aspects of attending a particular school or university is, of course, school spirit. Schools want their students to be proud of their choice of school.  When students are proud of their school, they are more engaged, happy and importantly, less likely to transfer.  Retention is extremely important and higher education works extremely hard to keep this stat as high as possible.

Consider Central Graphics your partner in fostering pride in and around your campus. We have modern techniques and products that will make your campus POP, and we can work with any school budget to come up with creative solutions while making your dollars stretch as far as possible. Promotional products not only create awareness and show pride but, in a sense, endorse the school.  Typically students/alumni do not willingly advertise a school without having a positive connotation about the institution. School spirit is hard to quantify but is key in building strong ownership of the school among the staff and students.  Promotional products are an easy and effective way to help create and keep school spirit, and Central Graphics has no shortage of experience in making a campus come to life through the power of graphics.

Maximum Impact

Spruce up your offices or locker rooms with full coverage wall murals. Show off your school colors, or even make some extra money for the sports program by selling advertising real estate on custom fence banners around your stadium or playing fields. Bring your campus up to code with regulation ADA compliant signs. Create custom wayfinding signage, branded with your school colors or school mascot, to help your new students find their way around campus. Install a custom digital monument sign at the road to let passersby know where your school entrance is, and what events you’re up to. Show off your value to the community you’re in! There are countless ways to instill a sense of pride and comradery at your school, but nothing does it quite as well as having your campus branded with your school colors and iconography.

Set up a consultation today. We have professional experts in creative branding waiting to help you find the maximum impact for your particular school budget. It’s time to show your community, your faculty, and most importantly, your students that they have every reason to be filled with pride in being affiliated with your illustrious institution.

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