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Central Graphics offers a wide range of unique and professional graphics solutions that cater to all facets of the health care industry. Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Retirement Facilities and much more have been relying on Central Graphics to make visually striking and professionally appealing signs and graphics for 25 years now. Trust is one of the most important factors when selecting a new health care provider, and putting your patients’ minds at ease by appearing as professional and dedicated as possible is an invaluable asset to your company. Also, there is likely no other place wherein easy to read, clearly displayed wayfinding signage is of greater importance than in a hospital or retirement facility. When emergencies occur, you want your patients and their families to be able to quickly and effectively make sense of their environment and find where they need to go, every time.
Health Care Outdoor Signs

Marketing For Health Care

Modern hospitals and health care facilities are facing a new world of transparency and competition, and they would do well to consult the marketing playbook hotels and other service businesses use to enhance their customers’ experience. You must be able to present the big picture to the community about who you are at your core. A brand is many things, but at its core, it is little more than the proof of consistency, thoughtfulness, and detail-orientedness. In the free market healthcare system, there is nothing more valuable than a reputation of excellent service and dependability; and branding, graphics, and signs are playing a bigger and bigger role in that every year.

Central Graphics understands branding. We understand the delicate balance that has to be struck when marketing for health care. Hospital marketing should not be restricted to brand-building or sales support. It is about making a positive connection with patients, on their terms. Let Central Graphics come alongside your marketing program, and help bring it to life in tangible and attractive ways. It isn’t difficult for us to design and create a new monument sign for the entrance to your building, but the impact and added value are enormous. Likewise, we create custom designed wall wraps every day, but think of how much more comfortable it can make your younger patients to be in an environment that is fun, colorful, and welcoming rather than simply being cold and sterile. We have installed hundreds of thousands of different styles of wayfinding signage over the years but think about the relief your patients could potentially feel when they have to find their way through your facility whilst in the midst of a real emergency. Our products and services can not only affect your bottom line, but they can also improve the lives of your patients during their time at your facility, instilling a sense of trust and statisfaction that is imperative to your care.

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